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This is an educational program where I take you by your hand to teach and show you exactly every single thing I know about crypto trading so you can go from zero to making your first $10,000 per month from trading in record time.

The Retail Traders.

The Top One Traders.


Testimonials appearing on this website may not be representative of other clients or customers and is not a guarantee of future performance or success.

What is Crypto Made Easy Blueprint?

For the past 3 years, I’ve not only made 6 figures from trading but also coached complete beginners with no prior knowledge or experience and transformed them into full time profitable traders themselves.

The Crypto Made Easy Blueprint is a program where I share everything I have learnt along the way throughout my entire 3 year trading journey. This course has countless of hours of training videos that are laid out in a very organized, step by step process to teach you everything you need to know, no matter what experience level you are, in order to get you to a point of trading success.

If I could go back in time and hand the younger me this knowledge, i would have become a successful trader 1-2 years faster! Our mission here is to turn you into a profitable trader with access to financial, location and time freedom in the shortest amount of time possible. 


This course teaches you everything you need to know about becoming a profitable trader from scratch!

This module serves as the foundation for your understanding of the Forex market, equipping you with the essential knowledge and skills necessary for successful trading. If you have no prior knowledge or experience in trading, start your trading journey here by first learning the fundamentals and basics of forex trading.By the end of Phase 1, you will have a solid grasp of the fundamental concepts that underpin Forex trading.

Success in crypto trading requires more than just luck. This Blueprint covers essential topics like spot trading, futures trading, and critical trading lessons you need to know. Learn the importance of a robust risk management plan and follow our guidelines to use before trading any signal.

Here you will learn the essential skills every trader needs. Learn about different candlestick types, their functions, and how they impact trading. Understand market structures, identify trends, and learn how to trade in a ranging market. Discover how to pick the best coins to trade and conduct practical analysis using DCA.

You will explore the various types of crypto trading and determine which suits your style best. From understanding what spot trading and futures trading are, to mastering how to trade futures and in the spot market, we provide step-by-step instructions to help you succeed.

Master the art of reading candlesticks with our in-depth course. Learn the different kinds of candlesticks, their functions, and how they can influence your trading decisions.

Learn the crucial skill of risk management to protect your trading capital. This module delves into effective risk mitigation strategies, trade management, position sizing and capital allocation.

This is an in-depth explanation of everything about my highly profitable trading strategies from top to bottom. Learn how I find the best entry and exit when trading so I can maximize my wins and minimize my losses. 

Understand the psychological aspects of trading that can make or break your success. This module delves into the intricacies of trading psychology, covering topics such as emotional control, discipline, and maintaining a resilient mindset during both wins and losses.

Copy our mechanical trading plan that has been tested and proven to work! You will also learn how to backtest and forward test your own trading plan in order for you to gain conviction in it.

Immerse yourself in the world of fundamental analysis and understand how economic factors drive market movements  and the tricks and turns that happen the market. This module explores the impact of economic indicators, central bank decisions, and geopolitical events on currency values. We go in-depth into explaining each economic news from Non-farm payroll to FOMC to help you gain a better understanding of what they mean for traders and how to handle them.

Don’t sit down and be watching… start learning today and begin printing the money in the crypto space. It is all about the knowledge, focus on the knowledge and the money will come, focus on the money and you won’t see a dime because it is knowledge first before any other thing. Join us today and learn from the very scratch to advance level of crypto trading.

Trading is 90% waiting and 10% execution. Don’t look at it as a get rick scheme, but if you treat it as normal business, with the right information you will grow gradually and attain financial freedom in record time.

Become crypto analyst with sniper entries

Are you tired of how you analyzed the cryptocurrency coin before trading?

Our exclusive crypto analysis course is designed to simplify the way you approach the market, providing you with the skills and knowledge needed to make informed trading decisions. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced trader, this course is your gateway to mastering the art of crypto trading analysis. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to level up your trading game and capitalize on the lucrative world of cryptocurrency.

In this blueprint I reveal everything about profitable trading

here are some “reviews” on how Students are cashing Out from This Crypto Made Easy Blueprint.










Making money in crypto currency required having the right mindset to acquire the skill and stick to the rules…

It is never a get rich quick scheme, just kill your greed and never allow your profits to go again…

Don’t waste time, the earlier you start, the best you become.

Now if you want to learn EXACTLY how I trade and copy my EXACT trading system, stay through it then end of this page.

I cannot guarantee that you will get the same results and make as much money from trading as I did. But what I can guarantee is that this are results of other normal, average people who has used this same Blueprint to become successful at trading. 


And the best part is that we don’t need to risk large amount of our hard earn money or spending hours on the charts and at the end having a messy charts that yield no significant profits.


Here is why you always lose money when trading.

-The market are manipulated by smart money. That is the big banks and financial institutions.

-Trading with emotions kill profits. Trading is for the big heart, so you must be emotionally stable to succeed in crypto trading


And you might have probably heard of this statistics before, that 90% of trader lose

-Trade like the bottom 90% (retail traders) = LOSE

-Trade like the top 10% (pro traders) = WIN

-Trade like the top 1% (elite traders) =WIN BIG

Now the maths is quite simple if you trade like the majority you are going to end up getting the same result as the majority which is lose. Lose your hard earn money and become a complete failure at trading. And just quit and be a nobody.

The second option is to learn how to trade like the top 10% who actually wins and make money consistently from the market. And if you can trade like the top 1% trader, you prettily much win the game and you are able to extract money from the market as you please.

Now the question is how did I went from a complete loser to becoming a consistently profitable trader? It was the day I lost over $10,000 in less than an hour. I still remember the pain I felt in my heart, I started breaking down and crying and I was so upset at myself and I started punching the pillow, saying maybe trading wasn’t for me, maybe trading was a scam and is not for me. Maybe I should just go back to my 9-5 job and started leaving my ordinary and unfulfilling life that I’m use to. These were the intrusive thought that I had on that particular day.

Now at that point in time. I had 2 option.

– Either I quit trading or I do everything I can to perfect trading and master this craft.

And if you know me I never quit, so I choose to go all in and do everything I can to master trading. But first I knew that I had to change the way I trade. So I create a trading plan for once and started to manage trading capital better.

“If you know both the enemy and yourself, you can win a hundred battles without a single loss” – Sun Tzu.

This quote by Sun Tzu contain the secret to trading. And that is to understand both the enemy and yourself. The enemy in this case is the smart money. The elite, because they are constantly manipulating price to their favor by causing you to lose your hard earn money. Because when you lose you are liquidity into the market which fuels their existing positions and allow them to shift the market in any direct they want. Don’t worry if you don’t understand what that is, because I will explain more about liquidity later.

The truth is we retail traders will never beat them. So rather than trying to fight a war that can’t be won, why not understand how they trade so that we can join them and make money with them. So I started studying how financial institutions and big banks trade. And then slowly I was able to understand the algorithm of the market and figured out how price truly operates and the order flow of the market. No matter how good you are at trading you will always and always have losses. Professional traders lose, beginner traders lose. You will never get rid of losses but what you can do is to make these losses as small as possible. And that is what I did when I started managing my trading capital better. I still lose money but now are days I lose much lesser.

Now, when you minimize your downside, you are maximizing your upside, that is why when I win now, I make a lot more money than I use to. All because I’m focusing on protecting my downside now. And as time passes my trading improve a lot and I became a more discipline trader who trade based on mechanical rules instead of emotion. And as a result I started making consistent profits every month.

Now if you want me to hold your hand and walk you through the ropes to show, teach and mentor you on the techniques in crypto trading. Get this blueprint now and I will see you on the other side where I will show you everything that I know about crypto trading and how to become a consistent profitable trader in a matter of days.

Remember you are going to learn exactly what work and you wouldn’t need to loss as much as $10,000 like I did.    


(No more second-guessing, no more sleepless nights wondering which way the market will turn)

No Matter Your Level, This Blueprint Is For You

(Student, Graduate, Working-Class Looking To Start A Business, Business Owner, etc!)



Here’s What You Will Get When You Purchase The Crypto Made Easy Blueprint:

Crypto Made Easy Blueprint

The Total Value Of Everything You're Getting From This Blueprint Is $450.

But that is not all

Because you’re still here, you will get free access to the Bonuses below

The totality Value of everything you’re getting from the bonus here is $260. 

the total value of everything you’re getting from this blueprint and the bonuses is $710.

As you can see, the total value of what you are getting here is $710.

If that sounds expensive, I need to remind you that people pay as much as $5m or more to get a masters degree or certifications that will only add maybe $600 or $1000 a month to their income.

I know that what people need is something that puts real cash in their bank account as soon as possible.

Even if this program costs $710 plus the extra bonuses, it is still worth it but I won’t do that.


So, Here Is the Deal:


The retail price for Crypto Made Easy Blueprint plus Additional Bonuses is $197 only.

Since this is a one time investment, let’s divide that by 365 which is the number of days in a year.

That gives us $1.85 per day.

If you can’t afford to invest $1.85 per day on a program that is most likely to improve your income, then I wonder what you are spending your money on.


But I have some good news for you…

Right now, I am giving you a discount of $513 for today!


This means you can get the Crypto Made Easy Blueprint plus Additional Bonuses for just $37 now.

But you only get this discount if you make payment right now.


This $37 price for the Crypto Made Easy Blueprint won’t always be here.


It can increase anytime to $197 depending on the time on this page.


So, if you land on this page and you don’t see the $37 price, that means the price has changed.


If you delay, it simply means you might have to pay more money.


But why would you even delay for an opportunity like this that can start adding to your income as soon as possible?


So, click the button below to get the Blueprint immediately.

This program is for people who really want to win and are ready to put in the required efforts to do so.

If that is not you, then don’t get the program.


It is as simple as that.


Then if you think $37 is a lot of money to invest in a valuable program like this, let me remind you that With what you are going to discover, you will realize that even if you are a slow learner, you will be able to generate $500 – $1000 within your first 60 days. 


By now, I know you are still searching in your mind if you should get this Crypto Made Easy Blueprint or not.


I wish I could tell you 10 more reasons why the $37 for this Blueprint is a great investment for you but I am going to leave you to decide that for yourself.


I have already shown you how this is changing the lives of various people including myself.


At the end of the day, it is your life and it is your money. You can do whatever you want with it, but the clock is ticking.


Click the button below and get started right away.


People fail in this business because they do not find someone to mentor them. Once you signup and get started now, I will hold you by the hand and mentor you. congratulations as i see you in the other side.

Just imagine that in less than 60 days from now you easily joined the ranks of my students who are consistently earning at least $1000 – $5000 monthly.

One thing i know is that in other for you to help yourself, your families in life, your friends, your community, Orphanage’s homes, you need to be in a position of making money.

All these are possible if you Click on the link below to get access to this Blueprint NOW! and implement everything you’d learn seriously.


Frequently Asked Questions

The most frequent questions I get asked, all answered below!

The Crypto Made Easy Blueprint is an educational platform that contains countless hours of step-by-step training covering EVERY single aspect of trading and gives you practical, no-bullsh*t advice to help you become a profitable trader in the shortest amount of time possible. Technical analysis, price action trading, supply and demand trading, fundamental analysis, risk management, trading psychology and trading mastery… This program has EVERYTHING covered for you, no matter what experience level you are, in order to get you to a point of trading success. No other program in the industry has as much success stories as we do.

1️⃣ Are you currently trading, but your account is barely growing?

2️⃣ Are you losing money trading and you are at a loss about how to get it back?

3️⃣ Each time you place a trade, do you feel nervous or scared that you are going to lose it?

4️⃣ Are you new to trading and have no idea where to start?

5️⃣ Finally, the most important question – Do you trade based on a proven to be profitable trading plan and are you consistent in placing your trades?

Numbers don’t lie so how many of these questions did you answer YES to?

🚫If you did not answer Yes to any of these 5 questions, then The Trading Blueprint is NOT for you.

No worries, you can still benefit from watching my FREE YouTube Videos!

👍🏻However, if you answered a firm “YES” to any of the 5 questions above, then you shouldn’t even make another trading decision until you have taken The Trading Blueprint course!

Definitely. We’ve created this course to be equally accessible to beginners as it is useful for experienced traders!

YES! Some of our members work a full time job from 9 to 5 and they utilize trading as a side hustle for additional income. You can opt to learn swing trading if you don’t have a lot of time to stare at the charts. In that case, our course cover that aspect as well. Our Market Mechanics strategy is a set and forget approach which means after you enter the trade, all you need to do is to wait for price to hit TP (or SL)

Yes, but is paid signal… But if you get this Blueprint today, you will have free access to our trading signal for one month only. In subsequent month you will have to subscribe to receive trading signal from us. do.

I strongly believe that a candle does not loose it’s light by lighting others. So, my goal is to make this affordable for as much people as possible, so that people can take advantage of this and change their financial status.

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The problem is that – there is a lot of misleading and incomplete information online.

This guide will save you from wasting time and money trying to learn how to make extra income online.

NOTE: This is a digital product. You will receive access to the product immediately after you order - even if it's 2am!

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